What we do
We help orphans and vulnerable HIV positive children to grow into healthy, well adjusted and productive adults.
Who we are

CEDAS Trust was incorporated, and endowed in Harare, Zimbabwe on September 17th, 2002 by Hans P. Binswanger-Mkhize, its Chairman. Its objective is to “develop and assist with the scaling up of community, livelihood and enterprise development for stigmatized people in sub-Saharan Africa”. Stigmatized groups in Africa include adults and children living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA); orphans; commercial sex workers; albinos, and people with disabilities, and many more. 

The CEDAS Board of Trustees, consisting of six Zimbabwe nationals, a doctor, an HIV and AIDS activist, a teacher, a lawyer, a chartered accountant, and a businessman, and two Swiss nationals, the chairman and his daughter, who is also a medical doctor. The majority of the Board members are HIV positive, which provides them special insights into their target group.

CEDAS USA is a Nonprofit Organization recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt 401 (c) corporation. It raises resources for CEDAS Trust Zimbabwe and for similar programs in Southern Africa. It has its own board chaired by Ingrid Binswanger.

Our Vision

To support vulnerable and stigmatized children and adults in Africa to overcome the obstacles arising from poverty, stigmatization and discrimination to fully realize their potential.

Our Mission

  • To help orphans and vulnerable children to grow into healthy, well-adjusted and productive adults.
  • To help their families to become economically self-reliant and provide a harmonious family environment.
  • To help youth and adults suffering from stigma and discrimination to overcome these handicaps and become well adjusted and economically self-reliant individuals.

Our Core Values



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